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Robert Mapplethorpe, estetica e desiderio. Svilimento e avvilimento della scuola italiana. La donna che vuole riformare l'Islam. Newsmavens chiude: un brutto segnale per il giornalismo e per la democrazia. Umani o mostri. Mi fa vergognare di essere italiano. La disoccupazione giovanile e la proposta di Stato innovatore di prima istanza.

Quando la manipolazione diventa instrumentum fidei. Micromega Newsletter collabora Abbonati alla rivista. I shudder; only look What curse 'tis mine to dear — Oh! And calm thine own despair! For though thou art mine only love, With whom my heart must dwell, — Fm doomed my feelings 'truth to prove In bidding thee farewell I o Two chords on the lyre of the Bard e'er are bound, — More noble, more deep than the rest in their sound: To Love and Vie Native-Land sacred are they.

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And spell-bound each mortal submits to their sway. Arise as the thunder that sweeps through our skies — Proclaiming aloud that the fetters you'll tear. For courage grows dauntless through grief and despair. That our's are its plains and the rocks of its strand, That our's are its forests, its mountains, its sea! Let the future be ruled by the trials we've past — On the soil, where the patriot his heart-blood hath shed, 'Tis freedom a floweret, soon blooming, soon spread.

Thou Heaven protect it, smile on it ye stars. Nor Elements dare, in the wrath of your wars. Oppress with your fierce tread that floweret divine. But oh! When nations will all as twin-sisters unite? And no haughty race shall be seen to erect Her throne o'er the ruins of the many she wreck'd — Nor fiercely for Glory, 'midst yells of despair, That mangle the heart as they rend through the air. Shall grapple for laurels, though bloodstain'd, to twine? Come with me, oil! From thy cheek so pallid now — With what joy thy future's laden, Think and cheer thy sadden'd brow. And this year's eventful page.

Will be read of with emotion To the world' s most distant age. See the burst of freedom' s stream 0' er each land terrific flow, — Snatching despots from their dream Of their God-earned power below. Hear the patriot' s voice that urges Each enslaved race to rebell — And the sad funeral dirges. Following fast the tempest' s swell!

All our earth is in commotion, "War is lit on every side, — Human shambles form an Ocean With their gush of vital tide. Dost thou ask? Far — far from me the heavy hoars of peace. The days all lifeless of untroubled rest; Such dull monot'ny bids each feeling cease, And robs the mortal of life's quick'ning zest.

Give me the stormy world, its varied scene. Its yearning rapture, and its smile and sigh - There, like a mote amidst a myriad seen. Dazzling and dim by turns, I'll cope and die! With sombre robe and pallid brow, behold Yon stately matron weep. While, seated on a bank of heavenly mould. In her proud bosom sweep The searing mem'ries of each glorious year : How sad her words — how sad her wailing — hear! Their own free wing is clipp'd — I pine enslaved and abject.

Of every virtue stripp'd. Now meet her wistful eye. Her griefs forgot — her daring glance is clear — How glad her words, how glad her song is —hear I ''Pluck the thorns that chafe my brain. Let them fester there no more, But around my hair again Twine the wreath that once I bore. Mine the Roman soul again! To my waves' all placid flow.

To my glorious skies of blue," 'Lured, the fierce barbarian strode-- Saw me, — coveted, — possess'd — On my struggling hand the load Of thraldom's shackles press'd. We'll blot out the tainting stain. Beneath this stone in death's still sleep. Oh f bless her nimble form, that greeted Our sight as morn its first dawn spread. When, purring cheerfully, she seated Herself between us on the bed.

And, pressing gently 'gainst our cheek Her velvet paw, seemed to convey In signs, the words she could not speak, Of joy again to hail the day. To hail the day and see us there. Reclining calm upon the pillow, Without a sign betokening care. But peaceful as the sleeping billow. And linked her image must remain With our young love and sweetest kiss. With our first year of Marriage-chain. Again, within a peaceful nook, Thy cheerfulness with our's to blend.

Translated from the Italian. Sweet as the floweret's bloom — Brighter than stars above — A very gem, thou Emma, An angel thou of love. Soft as the zephyr's breath, Thy nimble footsteps wend. And matchless charm and grace Thy witching gait attend — The blushing hues of dawn Thy damask cheek bedeck. And vies with lilies' candour The whiteness of thy neck. Thine eye oh! Lost by some dodg'd thief in his hasty flighty Un Adamant of yet unpolish'd ray. Together with a Crystal pure and bright, Pillow'd upon a sandy hillock lay, Awaiting eagerly what lot Fate would each of them allot. The Diamond, conscious of its worth.

Which dust soon hid for evermore. Tout n'est dans ce bas monde Qu'un jeu. Yet scarce Enjoy — the reckless wight, Howe'er, The sport doth relish quite, And ne'er His lot arraigns — he feels Too well, How swift can Fortune's wheels Hope quell; How love and bliss, like wind. Soon pass. Leaving no trace behind, Alas! Toil, hardship — oh f vain task! Can they E'er add to life, I ask. One day? Can he Death master more than you Or me? That' mong the blocks which mark where.

Memphis rose, The following whispers echo'd, which, believe. Myself I heard, as, seeking some repose, I lay stretched on the bank, and could perceive A nimble skiff, with sails full set, oppose The Nile's majestic course, and e'en could mark A Nymph, as fair as Helen, in the bark. The Nile it was, whose accents first I heard Thus o'er the mould'ring walls reverberate: In old Egyptian was his ev'ry word. Which in plain English I now here translate: Listen young Zephyr, thou who like a bird, "Dost gambol in the air — come now relate 'To me, old sinner, who must sweep the ground, 'The matchless charms that in yon Nymph abound.

Nile," Answered the Zephyr with coquettish tone, "I see that though so haughty, yet, the while, "Waiving all pride, thou stoop'st to show thee prone "To bask beneath the sun of beauty's smile: "Nay wishful e'en to cheer thy bed of stone, "With the mere picture that my weak breath may "Of some fair daughter of white man convey. And, where her orbs of sapphire swim, I kiss the frino-e that circles there. She is the queen of beauty's bower, No charms can match her peerless frame. Were I a youth, her fatal power Would change my blood indeed to flame. The female form within it quick descend, And, oar in hand, her course towards me bend.

The boat soon nearing came, soon reached the strand, — The sylph alighted; moored it to the shore; And, not afar from where I took my stand, Undress'd, and soon in naked beauty bore Her limbs to stem the wave free from the land. My brain now reel'd — and reel'd indeed the more. When with the natural scene I witness'd then, The superhuman notes did blend again : "Friend Zephyr, I thank thee, "But thou art aware, "For further partic'lars "No longer I care! May Health and Prosperity, and unfading Love, Endear every moment of your career below.

Till your souls, so congenial, recall' d from above, Fly together where Uiss and true dliss they shall know. Yet ere Time shall the veil of life's twilight unfold. Ere yet Bloom and Beauty have ceas'd thee to claim, May'st thou, fond Emilia, like the Matron of old. In thy consort's embrace, even happier exclaim: "Our children, our pride, our true riches behold. In answer to a paragraph contained in a letter in wMcli he expressed his surprise at my not having joined the Italian army in Lombardy.

I must here explain that after a duel, which only came off 13 months after the challenge, I went to England to be linked in marriage with a young lady to whom I was previously betrothed, and that when this marriage did take place the cause of Italian liberty was ruined.

Moultrie, thou hast spoken right, 'Twas strange indeed that I could yield To woman's love, to woman's might. And thus abstain to tread the field. Where proudly rang'd, each patriot's breast, Undaunted met our foeman's thrust. When fiery throbbings stir the soul, I did not join in freedom's strife. But coldly could my blood control, Whose promptings loud arraign'd my brain For taintinor it with death-less stain. I once have fought in honor's cause, And prov'd that death I well could face, Nor sought I then the world's applause, Or admiration's warm embrace.

But fought, as e'er I would again. My country's honor to sustain. A single combat; man to man; My foe from Gaul a froward churl — We cross'd the steel near lake Leman, Where hoary to the sky unfurl The Alps in majesty sublime. Their bulwarks to my sunny clime. And through that year of bitterness. Nought sear'd me more than Her distress. That combat done — that ordeal o'er, Joy dawn'd on "JTer" wan cheek again: And I forsook my native shore.

And journey 'd far, and sought her then. And vow'd, while clasp'd in fond embrace. No more t'o'ergloom her gladdened face. Burst over Europe's broad expanse. And war spread forth her crimson shroud Before Italia's eager glance — My breth'ren fought — my breth'ren bled- I heard their distant crj-, but stay'd! My heart beat high— I would have flown To mingle where our banners wav'd — I knew, my absence once made known. My name was branded — yet I brav'd The world — and curbed and thrust aside These longings of a generous pride.

My country had enough of men. Her sons by thousands fiU'd the plain; They stood her honor's champions then. She needed not my arm or brain. Unskilled in war's dark art could I Propitiate then her liberty? Then why from pride, or for the joy Of meeting death in that bright cause. Should I forsake ''Her'' and destroy ''Her'' new-born peace? And now adieu! Say not — say not the land must be The dearest to my hearty Where first the germ of life to me The Maker did impart. Can I prefer cold Albion's shore Where first my life begun? Can I my destiny deplore While 'neath Italia's sun?

Ah f no, the land, the fairy land Of fame, of art, of thought. Where man has vied with Nature's hand. And both have wonders wrouorht. In other lands, by other seas, I could not brook the light — My heart would lack its glow, and freeze. My eyes would close in night 1 What's that — what's that, my dear. Stuck round that fellow's tile?

A piece of gold lace, eh? Or I will pitch him hat and all Over the Kimla like a ball t " "Madam, no sneer, the time is past When nonsense of this foolish sort Was all the go with you — but cast To the to the devil in short Such recollections. Madam, now. Or else, I tell you, there '11 be a row! You bluster like a madman, you f With flashing eye and bellowing voice You shake the house with your to-do — Calm yourself, Tom, and talk some sense. And then I'll grant you a conference. I am a farmer and my boast Lies in my fields and horned host.

That forerunner of vice and rot. Which I dont wish her yet to chance. Believe me, many another eye Would soon, I'm sure, be seen to glow. And longing gaze as we pass by; And she a suitor, suiting, perhaps. Would own ere many a week elapse. Written in a letter to M" H.

When, when again shall I behold thy shore And feel the raptare of my days of yore? That rapture, enthusiasm, and gladness, known On thy rich plains and fairy heights alone! Which hallowed feelings my own darling mate With her sweet love will tend to triplicate. With her sweet love, which even here can bar The wretched venom that my life would mar. And my glance freeze, and fix in glassy stare, Ere each lov'd scene again be mirror'd there 1 — 60 — If such my fate — ah! But yield it to yon Ocean's stormy wave — 'Twill sooth my soul to own that watery grave; For in the race of ages yet to come.

Some pilgrim-billow may convey me home 1 The days have come — the days have come f The Hydra 's crush'd — for ever dumb — And ne'er again to rise. There now's an end to Freedom's brawl — Let gladness fill your eyes 1 The French have crouch'd beneath a prince. And he has made them cease to wince. And rue indeed the day In which their God-anointed king Was forc'd by them his crown to fling, And humbly run away! Proof both to cannon and to wile, Still raise base freedom's flag — Yet lo 1 the Czar has Austria lent His legions, and already rent.

No doubt, that piteous rag. Then Austria's dealt another blow. And stretch'd the Italian champions low Who join'd in freedom's broil — Italians, rascals, why forget That on the Emperor's brow was set Jehovah's holy oil! In treason's self the aid to find That Heaven's justice fram'd. And 'tis a right divine, I say, For though the far-fam'd Castlereagh As rumours were afloat For drawing up such rights divine All conscience-stricken did repine. The tighter thou shalt tie the knot. The higher thy name will soar. And not the base and abject crew, Call'd "" people," will thy path bestrew With leaves of oak and bay — But Dukes and Emperors and Kings Will fill thy button-holes with strings And crosses bright as day.

Freedom, indeed, that 's all a joke — Men are but cattle and the yoke Must bear by God's decree — To kings, their masters, they must bow Implicitly their heads, and vow Their humble slaves to be. Such is the will of God, such is The only social state that bliss Entails to Adam's race. And let diplomacy decide Of spoils so long delay'd — In Italy, that classic land. Quick let a new congress be held. Down, down with Freedom, down to hell. There let it raise its impious knell To privilege and tlirones.

Hurrah 1 for apathetic peace And all that tends but to encrease The happiness of drones! Prom the French of Beranger. Last night my breth'ren you must know, The Pope at supper made good cheer. And freely quaff'd the goblet so. That soon his thoughts grew very queer.

His eyes shot forth with fever'd glare, And shock'd each card'nal at the sight, Cried: "Quick, some holy water bear I — The Pope is tipsy quite! I'll the same as he — "The blow he 'gainst Loyola struck, "Shall now be follow'd up by me! When he was rais'd and put to bed. He but admitted to his sight Roothan, the Jesuit's General! Our Gracious Lord up in the sky, On waking, from liis lattice high' Once gaz'd to see what we were doing; "What!

Containing a delineation of various characters. Methouglit that Earth had wasted all away. Nor left a track of mankind and their clay — And that the throne of Minos, ready hewn, Tower'd on a stately rock within the moon — I heard a sound — it was the trumpet's blast Proclaiming loud the reign of Time had pass'd. And that Eternity's broad pale now claim'd Her children back, dishonour'd or unblam'd.

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I felt as if I swam athwart the space. And with a myriad manes ran a race — I heard some of them laugh and others cry — Saw them with brow serene or faces wry — And on on fled, until I heard at length A voice resounding with gigantic strength: "Halt all ye spirits of the ages — halt! And grinn'd with lurid eyes and chafing jaws. I met the look of one, and thought I held Some record of the face I thus beheld — The wretch saw through my thought, and, with a coal.

Did scribble on a stone the sequent scroll, Which to my feet he threw with gesture proud: "A gentleman was I when 'midst the crowed "Of Adam's race on Earth, and long have been "A sleek official round Great Britain's Queen — "And now, though damn'd to hell, I still uphold "My footing round a throne as you behold. And with a crimson dye her forehead glow; She trembled — set her teeth — yet rage and woe Soon yielded to a laugh — but laugh so dry.

As clearly prov'd her seeming mirth a lie — She dar'd not look around — but gaz'd on high. Dreading lest she should meet the writer's eye — That eye had haunted her for ages gone. Which once disclos'd would cause her second knell. I still retain'd my glance on that poor soul.

Whose nerves were thus affected by that scroll. And marvell'd how far yet my scanning look Could dive within her heart's most inner nook — When I was startled by the thundering strain Calling again on those that bore no stain. I turn'd my eyes on Minos and his Throne — Above his brow a halo circling shone, And in its orb, with pinions of the dove, Myriads of spirits flew all bliss, all love — "How bright, how peaceful, how serene are they, "Oh!

I caught her eye just then, but no dismay Was trac'd in its infatuated ray. Doubtless convinc'd that like the fiery car. Which bore Elijah to the worlds afar. She deem'd that flame appalling God had sent Her bliss to hasten, not her chastisement — Yet all the myriads round that heard the crash. In horror trembled and their teeth did gnash — For well they knew 'twas the terrific fire That spoke of Heaven's unrelenting ire — The same as had upset in ages gone The rival spirit of the Mighty Throne.

He plied them, soar'd, and soon was out of sight. And Minos rose, and holding out his hand, Wav'd silence to the myriads on the strand: "Souls that have sprung from Adam's seed, behold "The fruit of that first sinful deed of old! And fast these spectres of the night Dispers'd before its glorious ray; Yet fill'd me not with feelings gay — These baseless dreams of time to come When pass'd the ordeal of the tomb, — These airy visions of the brain Rous'd into shape by thoughts insane — Still forcibly impress the mind How ignorant man is and blind, When his aspiring thoughts presume To cross the threshold of the tomb.

And mix within the ethereal world. To which fall soon he must be hurl'd. Reproduction into English verse of a few stanzas, taken at random from an Italian version of OMld Harold. I cannot live within myself, but part Become of all around — each peak of blue Yields in itself a thought to bless my heart — The noise of towns a torture to me grew — Alone with beauteous nature I imbue Feelings of gladness; save indeed the one Which brings me to reflect that all I view Are links of Matter's chain, and kindred none Claim to the soul whose home lies far beyond the sun.

Through sins unknown, I have been forced to dwell And suffer — but at length I rise — and though My wings be young — I still shall ply them well. And stem the heavy clouds that hedge me in this hell. Canto III. Upon the same flower often The bee feeds and the snake, Yet strangely in them alter'd is The juice they thns partake — For in the serpent's bosom To poison soon it turns — Whilst in the bee's it thriveth. And nectar'd sweetness earns. A mother's thanks-giving. And madden'd was my brain with dark despair — Oh f pardon my wild thoughts, pardon that e'er My lips contracted with maternal ire.

Cherishing one dear thought to nerve my pride. Thou granting that this task myself should satisfy. And then each hour of bitterness would yield Its minute's joy, and, happy in my woe, I'd wait resign'd for death to reach my turn — — But now begone ye cheerless dreams that throw Shadows within my yet-stunn'd brain, while lo!

The sun of joy redawns within my gate. For there my little Cherub's eye doth show Not lit with sickly lustre as of late. But with a beam of health with which its orbs dilate. When hearts, that love do truly feel. Are link'd and beat harmoniously, Then life's for them no empty dream, This earth's no more a vale of woe. The same athwart each changing scene," Is bliss, celestial bliss below. Such as but few can share, but few. To whom a foretaste God doth grant Of what each righteous soul will earn In heaven above — And you my friends Whose gentle hearts have met and blended In one undying flame — ah!

This trance of gladness, which imparts New elements to reach perfection's goal. Enhancing all the nobler thoughts That blossom in the soul. Mute to the glance profane are they, Nor to such hearts will e'er convey The magic of their spell. The Muses but the bosom bless Whose warmth can woo their fond caress. But fly the Vandal fell! After having appeared at a ball when in the last stage of consumption. Up from my bed of death I rose.

And wrapp'd my form in silk and gauze. And clasp'd with wreaths of flowerets fair The tendrils of my raven hair. Which stream'd in locks all dark as night Adown my cheek of marble white. And on my lips so parch'd and cold I strove to call, as wont of old, A smile of mirth and wild caprice — Alas!

They would obey no other nerve Save that which sadness urg'd to curve. And forth from out my dim abode. Unto the haunts of men I strode — And in the glare of gaudy hall Soon stood, wherein, at pleasure's call. The young, the gay, with fever'd glance, All eager came to speed the dance. They could not trust their sight, and deem'd I could not be the thing I seem'd. But that I was a spirit fled From the dark regions of the dead, A comrad lost in Lethe's wave Who came a souvenir to crave — Anon, howe'er, their stupor gone.

They came and spake in gentle tone — But on my ear their kindly speach As sounds by space subdued did reach — And I now felt as though my soul Were tottering o'er its final goal. One moment more, and it will leave This sublunary scene, and cleave With pinions hid from human view The welkin's vault of sapphire hue, And o'er each star and planet soar To rest in God for evermore.

Behold the full-of-life display Their bright and eddying phalanx gay. Stretch'd on my bed of death again, I lie to rise no more t In vain On fancy's vivid inner gaze Crowd back the dreams of early days. And start up shapes that stir my heart, And bid me live — I ynust depart f — Mine was a foolish dream withal t And yet as I those days recall Of fiery youth, when, on my steed, All reckless I was wont to lead The chase athwart my native vale, — Methinks my star was not so pale. The free, the bold enthusiasm then. Which stirr'd me in the verdant glen, Was food to my aspiring soul.

Which never would admit control, — Was bliss divine, for freedom's air I there did breathe, and breath'd but there f But soon did clouds of grief obscure That rosy dawn serene and pure! The shock struck heavy on my heart. And wither'd its most vital part — They who have caus'd my cruel doom. Let them ignore I have a tomb. For should they thither step profane I'd 'wake outrag'd to yell forth Cain f — Which shall in after-years unfold, And waft Carlino's name afar — A hero in the coming war!

When champions of this classic land Again shall grasp the Roman brand. And vindicate Italia's worth Amidst the nations of the earth I For warm within Carlino's breast His father's blood doth flow. And his, instinctive, is the thirst Of vengeance 'gainst our foe. Then ask not why such knitted brow In one so young as he.

When his unconscious heart e'en now Must yearn for liberty! Which long as I may live, shall be One of the Household-Gods to me — And well it may, for what is there More heav'nly than childhood's prayer? That fervent look and brow serene Still radiant with the glorious sheen Of those far regions up above. Where all is bliss and all is love Shall daily meet my childrens' gaze.

And guide their mind to Him who sways O'er all yon boundless Canopy, — And blend the thought with love for thee. Oft her most seraph-like Aspect deceiveth. Alike when joyful, Or when it grieveth. Doom'd is the mortal. Who to her art Incautious trusteth His loving heart — She but delighting In kindling love, Soon turns on others Her might to prove. One day two mastives met, and fought, And round the neck each other caught With teeth so firm, that neither would Relinquish but with death his hold. The men who gathered round the fight Tugg'd at the dogs with all their might.

And back'd their cause of peace with kicks, Or e'en resorted to their sticks. But all in vain — they heeded not ; And lay as rooted to the spot — Their tusks steep'd in each other's blood, To fury lent too sweet a food — They there must linger on till both Expire relentless of their wrath. And all around began t' abate In their vain efi'orts and to fate. The hapless mastives would, I trow, — Have left — when, stepping forward now — 93 — A man approach'd the rageful pair.

In murderous silence gnawing there. And, from his pocket having ta'en His snuff-box, on the noses twain Did pour its prickling dust, which lo! Its magic working soon did show. Each mastif snorting, bit no more, — But rose and toss'd behind, before. And snuff 'd and sneez'd, and quite put out, Skulk'd off amidst a gen'ral shout. The sage replac'd his snuff-box then. And, as he pass'd, did tell the men: In ev'ry thing the whole world o'er.

Knowledge was, is, and will be power. Yet dost thou think th' ethereal flame. Which life imparted to her clay. Awaits a like fate as her frame. And quench'd in sleep be lost for aye? Within another lid doth pour Already now the light of day, With life more brilliant than before. The life-drop that from heaven flows Is life's own essence, nor can end. Dust unto dust must e'er return. Yet not the quickening breath doth share The lot of flesh — but wakes in turn All forms that garb our nature fair.

Far on a bare rock's rugged side Which juts o'er ocean high in air. An eagle's eyre may be descried. The queen-bird in it brooding e'er — And whilst her life lost here the wren, An eaglet sees the day therein: Methinks that life progressing then Has passed the regal chick within.

A confession. I lov'd her — she was beautiful — her eye Was dark as velvet with a diamond ray — I left her but awhile — her deep heav'd sigh Was earnest of continued love — away I hied me to the battle — but full soon Return'd with victor's pride the self-same moon. Her eye — her smile had chang'd — I knew Her heart had play'd me false — her crime — her guilt Some whispering tongue laid bare and prov'd too true — I to her sire complain'd — he sneer'd — the hilt Soon of my glaive I sought — his head I cleft. And her, to glut my rage, to starve I left!

And, with a glance all masterly, he scann'd. From pole to pole, what pass'd on see and land — Perplex'd, to Peter, close behind, he said. Turning his head: "Either am I no longer God the Great, "Or, Peter, have my wits grown dull of late — "How vain, observe, on yonder worldly scene, "My cares have been f " — And Peter thro' the lattice passed his face, — When soon he eager ask'd: "Who's he. Lord, allay thy woe, "Not thine the blame of all those evils, no I "On kings, priests, and the pope, the blame must fall,— "Those numokuUs all f " "Well, Peter, listen, never have I yet "Play'd childish freaks, but, once I'm in a pet, "Myself rii beat them hard to vent my wrath.

When men were far less clever, less refin'd, They hang'd thieves to the cross, as we may find But progress now so well its work achieves. That crosses oft are seen hang'd upon thieves! But now, that 'neath the yoke she bends, Venice, with love repress'd for years. These bridal flowers all steep'd in tears, To him, tiie truthful Mng, she sends.

This is the site — a valley stern and drear — A desert track betwixt two rugged steeps, Where both the rosy morn and blushing eve Are yet unknown. Bounds past appall'd, for, with a rumbling noise. She hears, at intervals, some heavy mass Of livid basalt leave the parent rock, And crush adown — a sullen threat of death — Hears it, and, with a trembling voice, she lifts Her hand in haste to trace the holy sign.

Each eminence doth pour from hundred pools. In headlong rivulets, th' excess of rain, — And to the cadence of the frequent drops The hollow caverns sound, and brilliantly Shines forth around the all-pervading green — Whilst many a glittering iris in mid -air, All gaily chequers then the lonely scene. Then to the genial air of early spring.

When germs, impatient of their lot inert, Yearning to live, press on the quick'ning breast Of nature, — now preparing to display The treasur'd brightness of her nuptial time; — When spreads, we know not how, love's magic spell Within the maiden's heart, the floweret's core, — And e'en perchance among the very stars — This lonely vale, these naked rocks themselves. Smile through their frowns, and rays of beauty show. The plover blithely sends his courtship note — From 'neath the scatter'd blocks, entwin'd with fern.

Shoots out the cyclamen in rich perfume — And the wild vine sends forth afar the sweet Fragrance it steals from balmy zephyr's breath. Do totally consume their span of life. And ardently seek out their trysting-place — Where, knotted in voluptuous spirals, they Give forth a languid whistle — and the sun. With equal ray, imbrues the viper's tooth. And ripens honey in the floweret's cup. Lit up the downward slopes of bush and brake — And in the western heavens fading shone The narrow crescent of the new-born moon.

Here, but few hours before, a fight had raged Long, desperate and holy, 'tween the sons Of Italy and their Teutonic foe. How many a human heart there stilled in death - How many a despairing agony In youth's entrancing dream of hope and joy I — How many a life-flower sever'd by the sword I What love, and noble impulses, and thoughts — — Of daring, and poetic visions gone. There with those breasts, those fair blond heads, now gash'd By flying hoofs and wheels — a ghastly sight! What crowds thus sudden of immortal souls, Launched to the threshold of another world.

Whilst yet unlook'd for by their loved dead! Which migrate rapidly to distant shores. The mournful news spread fast o'er mount and main — And from the Transylvanian hills afar, To the Moravian plains, an echo rose Of wailings loud from mothers, sires bereft, — And agonizing sobs from wife and child In grief forlorn I — and many a gothic arch Shone to the torches of funereal rites In pious honor for the poor who fell.

And dews, did lie this hecatomb of slaves, Chain'd to the sword. That at the sudden call, they '11 fear that still They 're follow'd up by our unslak'd revenge, Along the shores of the eternal realms! Within my soul the darkest gloom had sunk — The saddest spirit moved the Poet's Muse. And centuries of outrage unaveng'd — Shock'd at the cruel sight of thousands slain — My hand I rais'd in wrath, as tho' I would A curse invoke — but mid-way stay'd — and chang'd The act to sign of blessing — and then stepp'd Down from the hill-side to the gory plain Beneath, — half tottering with emotion keen.

Oh t why didst thou not still "Follow thy course, and gladden, with thy notes "Of songs inherited, the longing crowd "Of thine own native hamlet? She her future lot "Meanwhile with hope entwines, — and, to sustain "With food her slender frame, gladly submits "The prophets' instrument to drag about "Through courts, and passages of inns profane; — "But when the humble rumour of thy fate "Shall reach the distant Elbe, — then will those haunts "Soon cease their echo to the Hebrew harp, — "And through the ringlets of the broken chords "The spider soon shall weave her net unclean — "And the young harper's weary head shall lie "Beneath the sacred grave-yard's silent turf!

To scare some dreaded sprite, I know not of. There lay supine upon the level stone. Grazie comunque per l'informazione. Mi puoi dare qualche dritta per iniziare a lavorarci su? Grazie in anticipo delle risposte. Se devi muovere appunti all'operato di un altro utente, per favore, fallo almeno con un minimo di attenzione e fondatezza rispetto alle azioni di quell'utente. Ciao Ysogo, vedo che anche tu ti stavi cimentando in una traduzione della voce Nice model ; avendoti preceduto , mi farebbe piacere che dessi uno sguardo al mio prodotto.

Ciao, Henrykus Non abbiate paura! Grazie, per poco non lasciavo messaggi fraintendibili nella pagina principale del progetto esercito all'arma bianca.

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  8. E' a causa dei copia incolla. Ciao, ho visto che stai spammando il template in giro fra le voci. Grazie per la segnalazione. Sei stato chiarissimo: ho provveduto a rimuovere il template. Ho visto che il template fa apparire in automatico "un astronoma sovietica" invece del corretto " un'astronoma ". Chiaramente era stato pensato per i nomi maschili. Ciao,-- franco msg , 6 feb CET. Ti ringrazio per le correzioni che fai nelle voci relative alle struttore geologiche di Eros.

    Me ne han chiesto gli stub nel vaglio che precede la segnalazione per la vetrina della voce, ma non ho mai curato molto tali formazioni e non conosco tutta l'organizzazione del materiale qui su wikipedia. Buona notte e buon lavoro. Salve, ho visto il tuo commento qui , ed in effetti, sebbene a mano avessi operato la sotituzione, non ho pensato a specificarlo al bot. Un saluto. A ngelus scrivimi , 5 apr CEST. Quest'ultima cosa mi pare che gia sia successa con un redirect che puntava ad un template informatico ma quella volta si trattava solo di inclusioni, qui si parla di ben Riguardo al tempo sprecato per curiosare: io scrivo sempre e in maniera esaustiva nell'oggetto la modifica che il bot sta apportando alla voce.

    Appunto per evitare perdite di tempo da parte degli altri utenti eseguo questo tipo di modifiche nell'week-end e nella notte per poi rallentare nei giorni feriali e soprattutto nelle ore diurne. Ciao, scusa ma forse non ho ben capito il funzionamento, per inserire il telescopio cosa devo aggiungere esattamente? Il codice che hai aggiunto nel template? E purtroppo in questo periodo ho una marea di cose da fare.

    A ngelus scrivimi , 1 mag CEST. Grazie per la barnstar. Grazie per i tuoi contributi, ma ho notato che una ventina delle numerose voci su asteroidi che hai scritto l'altro ieri sono orfane! Ciao, ho visto che hai fatto diversi redirect a Tiro del giavellotto ma io ho sempre sentito dire "Lancio del giavellotto"? Vedi poi che alcuni redirect che hai messo in cancellazione non sono orfani.

    Ho per il momento sospeso le cancellazioni da te proposte. Fammi sapere. No, guarda, hai preso un abbaglio, nella proiezione di Mercatore i poli vanno all'infinito. Ho eliminato, come da te richiesto, ogni riferimento alla disambigua in ns-0, ad eccezione delle pagine gestite da bot. Questo sta causando delle perturbazioni. Giraccola ai progetti:astronomia e orfane e dovresti trovare qualche spiegazione, o scrivi a lui. In questi giorni sono ancora in fase di assestamento con la nuova casa e con l'apparecchiatura informatica.

    In ogni caso, stamattina ho ritagliato una mezz'oretta e ho provveduto a leggermi gli incartamenti e a flaggare il bot del collega. Buon lavoro, a presto. Se sto sbagliando e ho interpretato male, correggimi. Grazie, ciao e buon lavoro! Devo essermelo sognato. E wikipedia distingue molto le pagine promozionali dalle autopromozionali Cui prodest? Fra 10 gg circa, in questo periodo oltre h ogni tre giorni non ci sono. Ciao Ysogo, ho visto che hai aggiunto i parametri orbitali alla tabella che ho creato. Guarda ad esempio l'elemento Sole per farti un'idea.. Ci vuole un po' di pazienza!

    Ciao Ysogo, ti avviso che ti ho risposto qui per quanto riguarda i bot in Wikidata. Hai fatto caso che ci sono un sacco di template che puntano un redirect, una volta che hai fatto lo spostamento? Ho chiesto il ripristino del vecchio nome e sei pregato, per cortesia, di avvertire quando fai cose del genere, basta che guardi la cronologia e cerchi i contributori principali della voce.

    Could I have 2 mins of your time?

    ~ Rap is a gimmick, but I'm for the hip-hop, the culture

    Also if you have ideas how to improve the weekly summaries please post them. However more community help will be needed. To assist with preparing the newsletter, please visit the newsroom. Past editions may be viewed here. Hello Ysogo. What makes you think that Brooktondale is a spa? There is a city in Australia and at least 4 places in the USA named Brookton, none of which is a spa. I really try to find out what the IAU meant with Brookton.

    Regards, -- Gereon K. Grazie per la segnalazione! Ho visto che hai eliminato il template per l'unione a Marica Bulgaria , ma non abbiamo risolto il problema, abbiamo sempre 2 voci per lo stesso comune. Come mi hai consigliato in discussione progetto ho copiato il sorgente del template nella mia sandbox 2 e ho apportato le modifiche che intendo suggerire.

    Cosa devo fare? Ti ringrazio! Mi pare che il nome nome corretto dell' astronomo in questione sia Herbert Raab. Va quindi modificato il titolo. Ciao e Buone Feste. Ciao Ysogo, scusami per il ritardo nella risposta, ma sono stato un po' di giorni fuori e solo ora sto "riprendendo".

    Fabri Fibra

    Ho visto che hai creato vari asteroidi negli ultimi giorni: ricordati di collegarli sempre a Wikidata, a un elemento preeesistente se esiste prova a cercare il numero dell'asteroide nella barra di ricerca, es. Hai gettato la spugna? Sai a chi potremmo chiedere? Queste operazioni invasive si discutono , visto che riguardano miriadi di voci, e non si crea un casino per una voce che non esiste ancora. Vulgo: prima di creare confusione, fermatevi, riflettete un attimo e discutete, grazie. Dove trovo dei riferimenti per i confini degli attuali dsondgey?

    La verifica prima di apporre il template viene fatta su Wikidata. Ciao Ysogo, ti segnalo il programma borse di partecipazione "Alessio Guidetti" per Wikimania , che potrebbe esserti utile per partecipare al raduno mondiale degli utenti Wikimedia. Nemo , 26 apr CEST. Nemo msg , 10 mag CEST. Bonne continuation. Cordialement, et Hop! Kikuyu3 msg , 9 lug CEST. Grazie per quanto hai scritto. Alla prossima. Ciao, ho dovuto commentare una riga del tuo vector. Come deciso qui , stiamo ricordando a tutti gli utenti del tuo gruppo di evitare sempre i wikilink che puntano ad una pagina di disambiguazione.

    Ti cito i primi motivi che mi vengono in mente:. Ha ragione Google e qundi sto guardando una voce di ja. Grazie fin d'ora. Ho preferito risponderti qui per dare modo ad altri utenti che fossero interessati a leggere "monoliticamente" quel caso "curioso". Qui ti aggiungo un particolare tecnico.

    Ciao e buona domenica. Grazie della nota e buona continuazione. Hello Ysogo! I am requesting some help from you for my project in French language. I created pages about asteroids that I would like to link automatically to their corresponding pages in other languages. I've been trying to locate a python script that could help me in inserting wikidata interlanguage links, but I failed to find something usable. How did you do to automate the creation of interlanguages links in wikidata for your asteroids pages??

    Un saluto, bye. Ciao Ysogo, sei tu che in questi giorni hai aggiungo il "quadrante" in automatico al template? Ho messo la fonte. Probabilmente non si era ancora aggiornata la tabella che contiene i wikilink. Grazie per l'annullamento! Giusto per avere un'idea, facendo un rapido controllo vedo che almeno spagnolo, galiziano, francese e polacco traducono senza problemi. Sempre una rapida ricerca, su google libri, mi mostra che "cratere Odisseo" scritto con le virgolette produce due risultati che parlano del nostro cratere questo e questo ; "cratere Odysseus" senza le virgolette ne produce uno questo.

    Una rapida ricerca su google generale di "cratere Odysseus" e "cratere Odisseo" entrambi con le virgolette mostra la stessa tendenza: i due usi coesistono, ma l'italiano produce quasi il doppio dei risultati. Una possibile soluzione potrebbe essere qualcosa del genere:. Perdonami se per rispondere al tuo appunto ho scritto un poemetto; e sempre complimenti per la solerzia e l'ottimo lavoro!

    Sei instancabile Stavo per cancellare il redirect, ma se vuoi, sposto la voce al nome corretto. Dimmi tu. Vista la tua risposta, ho ritenuto opportuno creare la pagina vera e propria del template e oggi mi accingevo a inserirlo nelle pagine appropriate, quando in una di queste mi sono ritrovato davanti il Template:Ricerca esopianeti che risulta evidentemente essere un lavoro analogo a quello che ho fatto ma non aggiornato. Cosa si deve fare in questo caso? Non so proprio che pesci pigliare Altra cosa: ho visto il bellissimo lavoro che hai fatto con le maglie, ma vorrei proporti un suggerimento sulla categorizzazione.

    Al momento le categorie "Topografia di XYZ" sono un po' "soffocate" dal gran numero di maglie, non sarebbe meglio raccoglierle tutte in una sottocategoria? Magari con un'ulteriore divisione per le diverse scale. Come per le scorse edizioni dell'evento, anche per il l'associazione Wikimedia Italia intende rendere disponibili alcune borse di partecipazione. Potete trovare il bando di partecipazione con tutti i dettagli a questo link.

    Alexmar , 26 apr CEST. Il Consiglio Direttivo di Wikimedia Foundation ha nominato una commissione responsabile della ricerca del prossimo Direttore Esecutivo della Fondazione. Ciao, perdonatemi se ogni tanto faccio qualche scorribanda nelle voci astronomiche.

    Full text of "English and Italian fugitve verses and translations"

    Wikimania is almost here! Mjohnson WMF and I are running two workshops for IdeaLab during the conference, and you are invited to join us for either or both! If you have a proposal or idea you are thinking about, and would like a space to work on it on your own or with others, please consider joining us for either the Thursday or Saturday sessions.

    We'll discuss a little about IdeaLab and how it works, and the rest of the time is space for idea building. You can also use this session to ask questions about Wikimedia Foundation grants that are available if your proposal or idea may need funding. Thanks, and see you at the conference! Greetings from a meter away.

    Romaine msg , 21 giu CEST. Ciao Ysogo, ho visto la tua firma nella talk di Romaine e quindi mi rivolgo anche a te. Grazie comunque per i contributi. Ciao, innanzi tutto grazie x le voci sugli asteroidi che stai creando. Grazie per i tuo messaggio sull'uso del grassetto. Provvedo subito. Grazie anche per il suggerimento sugli osservati speciali di cui ignoravo l'importanza.

    Non dovrebbe essere Chama e leon IAU. Per ora mi fermo senza disabilitare, ne avevo fatte dell'Eridano poi ho disabilitato nelle stelle dove non importa, come in Achernar e Epsilon Eridani. Se conosci qualcuno alla IAU o vuoi in ogni caso segnalargli gli errori gli faresti cosa gradita.

    Ciao, Ysogo, ho visto che ti sei occupato tu della redazione dei dati in questa pagina. Ho cercato i dati corretti qui ma sono in formato diverso da quello usato da te e preferisco non metterci mano. Ciao Ysogo, quando annulli una modifica sei pregato di specificare il motivo: se ho sbagliato qualcosa gradirei saperlo. Aggiungi pure un dummy edit in cronologia alla voce. Puoi indicarmi dove posso trovare le info, che faccio le prove nella mia sandbox, nel caso mi capitasse una situazione simile in futuro? Leggo la pagina di Wiegert. A "collegamenti esterni" il link presenta la stessa dicitura.

    Ho visto che hai fatto una correzione sulla pagina dell'astgronomo Amil Kumar Das. Per il nome Anil non Amil ho fatto riferimento ai documenti citati come riferimento sono due necrologi scaricabili presso la Digital Repository of Indian Institute of Astrophysics ove Das anche nell'indice viene indicato con il nome Anil.

    Purtroppo la Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature lo chiama con il nome Amil per cui ho deciso, nel dubbio e salomonicamente, di creare la pagina con il nome Amil ma di scrivere il nome giusto nella descrizione. Cordiali saluti. In merito alla rimozione della professione della voce in oggetto: poiche Luca Pietro Strabla sono io e non ho il titolo di ingegnere l'ho eseguito la rimozione.

    Potrebbe anche dipendere dal subtemplate? Attendo lumi. Intanto auguri per il nuovo anno. No commemoration of specific towns or villages is intended". Ottimo, non lo avevo mai notato prima di domenica. Ciao e alla prossima. Ora lo scrivo anche nella pagina di raduno. Hello Ysogo, since you are a native italian speaker interested in asteroids, would you mind helping me in translating this italian text into english it is extracted from the Eros article that I just translated into French Thank you very much!!

    Ieri seguendo una pag. Mi sono chiesto come questi 2 utenti risolvano i conflitti di edizione. Grazie della risposta. Io avrei tagliato la testa al toro, come suol dirsi. Riformulando magari esplicitando il nome: es. Ci saranno altri modi ma so anche che almeno, a me succede abbiamo degli stili espositivi a cui non rinunciamo facilmente, essendo comunque corretti.

    Non vorrei, come detto, averti messo una pulce nei pensieri. Buono a sapersi, mi ero fidato delle voci scarne presumendo che fosse stata fatta confusione. Ho corretto. Buona serata, -- Syrio posso aiutare? PS - Visto che mi trovo, ti faccio una domanda che ho in mente da qualche giorno. Ho visto che ultimamente stai aggiornando i parametri di molti asteroidi; volevo chiederti, per la scelta degli oggetti da modificare stai andando avanti in maniera "random" oppure stai seguendo una lista, una pubblicazione o altro?

    Inoltre, mi spieghi come calcoli il valore dell' epoca? Complimenti davvero per il notevolissimo risultato che grazie a te ha raggiunto il Progetto. Ciao, ho iniziato ad aggiornare la voce QRpedia proprio con due cosette. Ora carico un po' di foto. Oggi pomeriggio parlando con un amico di contributi gli ho chiesto se riusciva a trovare qualcosa concernente le voci giapponesi che ci mancano, non avendo visto che nel frattempo avevi chiesto su ja.

    Nell' Osservatorio di Ginevra , hai sistemato il codice oss. Io l'avevo comunque male inserito. Citarlo in voce, essendo un dettaglio meramente tecnico non so se sia opportuno. Provai anche a inserirli prima o dopo altri campi ma, non ricordo aver avuto successo. Ho altre voci in corso e vorrei venirne a capo.