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Men and women of all skill levels northcoastfootball. Friday night bowling from September to March ncbafriday. Membership includes group lessons teamclevelandtennis. Registration starts in August daytoneuchre. Open volleyball every week daytongayvolleyballclub.

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Fall and winter leagues for all skill levels capitalcityvolleyball. All levels from beginner to experienced cbushoops. Gay and allies rugby team columbuscoyotes. League travels from bar to bar mycedl. Teams are divided into five divisions clgsa. Summer leagues and winter tennis socials cmto1.

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Team plays in Columbus recreation league gayhockeyohio. Columbus will host the event in August gsws Hikes for all levels of fitness stonewallcolumbus. Annual LGBT bowling tournament cintit. Sand and indoor volleyball leagues cincyvball. Meets Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays frontrunners. Recreational, intermediate and competitive leagues myrivercitysoftball. The Toledo Troopers lasted nine, from to , and lost only four games out of 68 played. To it. Toledo ting better and better. Her career as a cuses on the team. Veronique Tanasale, a first-year Reign player who came from Las Vegas, chose the team because of Collette.

She spent eight years in the Marine Corps and 25 years in the Army. Lewis started playing with the Detroit Predators in and joined the Reign in Like most of the women on the team, she grew up playing football with brothers and neighborhood boys. Not a problem! Marabeth Lewis, 33, is a linebacker and captain and wants to play just as long.

Popeye and Beast have been on the Reign together since its inception. Lillie, who is on the defensive line, had Tommy John surgery after she tore the ulnar collateral ligament in her elbow last season. She has also torn her meniscus and herniated a disc in her back.

And through all the injuries, she keeps coming back. I know every position on offense, so I know what everyone does on every play. One day she was pushing girls in pads over without wearing any herself. Angie Blasingim and Brittaney WatQuarterback Jacki Clark, 44, is coson have been together for six years captain with Lewis and is another and are rookies on the Reign. But this family is no picnic. Brett Leonard, a Toledo-born filmmaker, plans to make a movie about the legendary Toledo Troopers. The two smiling young women perched at the bar have no idea what lies ahead.

Elizabeth Wiley and Liz Valenti are the young women perched at the bar of Wheat Penny, in a framed photo that sits on a shelf above the liquor bottles at the Dayton restaurant that opened in She left in to open Meadowlark in Dayton and convinced Valenti to come back to Ohio in Wiley was a senior and Valenti a freshman when they met at Grinnell. Wiley came from Kansas, and Valenti came from Chicago. It was like an ongoing experiment for the concept that grew into Wheat Penny. She enrolled in a pizza school in San Francisco and tested out starters and 20 different flours for her dough.

Then, as now, the restaurant business was a diverse, welcoming haven for LGBT workers. And they arrived just as the burgeoning AIDS crisis mobilized and united gay men and lesbians into a stronger community. It was a thrilling and terrifying time. The yeast Valenti settled on is from a strain more than years old.

The wheat is Manitoba winter wheat. Starters rest for 24 to 48 hours. Dough proofs for 48 hours or more. Toppings include grapes, blue cheese and shoestring onions; shrimp, charred green onions, peanuts and a house-made sriracha; eggplant, broccolini, feta and crispy garlic; as well as pepperoni, roasted peppers, olives and other pizza staples. Eggplant fries sliced in planks like steak fries and breaded.

Thank goodness I learned how to fight early, because I had to do it often. People still try and deny it, you know, but the church is full of gay people.

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You know, the Southern Railroad, along Canal Street? And the gay bars were all black, just like they got today. Patrick Johnson, a Northwestern University professor of both performance studies and African-American studies, in his acclaimed performance, Pouring Tea. The title is a play on the gay slang for gossip and the cultural prevalence of sweet tea in the South. The regional wordplay is emblematic of the interviews that make up the book and the performance.

Fortuna organized the symposium and is a former student of Johnson. And a lot of regions in the South have different dialects. I said there has to be a way I can recreate the interview experience for the reader. Among the presenters will be experts on ballroom culture, gay Latino nightlife and the Brazilian gay sex industry. After extensive interviews with people in the affected communities, Smith created a play of 29 monologues.

Performance ethnography tends to focus on subcultures that are often misrepresented or marginally represented. Because of that political bent, LGBT issues have definitely risen to the forefront. Thank you for telling our story. Meredith and Murphy have been good friends since meeting at a dance event in Dayton more than 30 years ago.

It age. He has been a featured performer in duction to dance. Mullaley, Matthew Morrison, Jessica Biel and dance. He saw an ad in the paper for a dance called the biggest ballroom dance competition Patrick Stewart. He decided in the world. He lenge returns to PBS after a six-year hiatus. Everyone looks forward to Finalists in each category will compete to win Murphy said she feels like she has come full cause it really has the best.

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The four champion couples will circle with the show in her home state. Mary Murphy, a co-host of the show and a for- then compete across styles to be crowned in love with dance instantly during that class mer US ballroom champion. Can Dance?. It was Friday, April American show. Murphy is a native of the Canton-area In addition to the professional competition, the more like Footloose!

Friday, May 1: International University. That last category, a first-time showing When her instructor invited her to along to see 9p. Allen is serving as honorary chair of the event, which this year includes walks in Columbus and Toledo on Saturday, April 18, and a walk in Dayton on Sunday, April Can you tell me how you came to be the honorary chair?

And it sounded like a good idea to me. OG: How often do you get to visit? Coincidentally, we both just happen to be from there. So we get back at least once a year, and we go antiquing in the Short North and German Village. OG: The Columbus food scene has had a lot outlookohio. What are your thoughts? TA: With all the resources that you have Columbus is a city in the dead center of a state full of farms.

Great, incredible pork and incredible vegetable products. In fact, just a few months ago I was at the Culinary Vegetable Institute, just 40 miles or so west of Cleveland, where they grow incredible, incredible exotic produce and ship it all over the world, Incredibly expensive, too, but just crazy weird, interesting beautiful things right out of Ohio.

What a perfect place to have people doing beautiful farm-to-table natural cooking with farms right over there. So you get the expertise of those great chefs, you get the drama and the relateability of the home cooks who are just like someone next door. OG: I would, personally, like to have Curtis Stone come and cook in my house and help me learn how to cook. That would be amazing. TA: Really? Is that because of your interest in. OG: I mean, we could say that Michael Symon is a damn sexy beast himself.

OG: Yes! OG: So before we go, there is a special brunch, I hear, with you some of the high fundraisers. Will there be selfies? The goal is to get as much money as possible for more prevention and education. And you know the issue is trying to fight complacency, because the younger generation of gays now did not see what happened within the original epidemic when it was an automatic death sentence. And younger people, particularly, are still getting infected every day. And, actually, not one was Hodor. Erin McCalla: What came first: music or acting? EM: How do you describe your set?

KN: Bass heavy, chunky house music, I guess! KN: I was both excited and a little sad. KN: They have. They are great at hiding in plain sight in the crowd when a lot of people have dressed up. Do you get more GoT fans or bears at your shows? I would never think of myself that way.

The crowds genuinely are a real mix of people! The house fan music contingency has definitely. I love seeing people from so many different social groups come together and party. Do you get much a chance to enjoy the cities while on tour? Is there something you like experience or do in each city you visit? EM: What DJs have inspired you? What musicians are you listening to now? My taste in DJs goes right across the board from spacey, floaty techno to main room house or trance.

EM: Speaking of trance, I think you do such a fantastic job of conveying emotion as Hodor, especially since you only get one word to speak. It has to be hard to do! Tell me a little about your acting background. My background is more in love performance and some cabaret-style work. Strangely, acting, live performance, and DJing and music work all feel Hodor. EM: Were you a fan of George R.

Have you read them all? My mom is a prolific reader, though, and she nearly fainted when I told her what I was auditioning for. Do you have any interest? KN: I have done many, many comic cons from the end of the earth and back again. And now Laverne Cox can lay claim to another bit of queer history by being the first trans actor cast in a major network TV program.

Two women from The Cosby Show have new jobs as lesbian characters on two different shows. Now take this thing to a series order, CBS. Superheroes have more or less effectively replaced cowboys as the most popular vehicle for acting out American myths and communicating values about good and evil. Will it still happen? Will it not? And now, if the fans are lucky, two of their favorites are going to spawn. Ciccone also will would integrate those two worlds, while, ostensibly, allowing the actors to continue on their be working on a screenplay for another book she hopes to take to the screen, The Impossi- respective shows.

Filth and Wisdom to W. More details as they develop. He afraid of a public learning curve. My restless spirit was first nurtured in the s when I left my hometown of Cleveland Heights for Miami University and the small college town of Oxford, Ohio.

Soon tiring of chugging 3. But I have returned often to the Oxford area for the rustic pleasures of Hueston Woods State Park, with its 3, acres of exquisite natural beauty and cozy rustic cabins. Beth and I packed a few small bags recently and enjoyed a relaxing weekend getaway at Hueston Woods in a fully furnished, two-bedroom cabin. We explored wooded hiking trails, forded streams, played games and on several occasions visited Oxford, only a 10minute drive away. I was pleased to see the town has morphed into a lively and sophisticated gay-friendly community since my college days.

With its Georgian architecture, both the campus and the town take on a graceful New England ambiance. Of special interest are three self-guided historical walking tours, which can be found online at enjoyoxford. The Hueston Woods Lodge, in College Corner, is a modest room resort hotel with a casual atmosphere and tasteful Native American motif. Most rooms feature private balconies with a great view of the lake and woods.

Uptown Oxford is a sophisticated, gayfriendly community with excellent attractions and dining. Hueston Woods is available for wedding ceremonies and receptions for all couples, according to Ohio Department of Natural Resources spokeswoman Heidi Hetzel-Evans. Beth and are I partial to the delicious weekend breakfast buffet in the dining room. When weather permits, there are lighted outdoor tennis courts, a boat marina, an hole golf course, an outdoor pool and nearby horse stables. A mile from the lodge, tucked deeply into the wooded landscape, are several dozen oneand two-bedroom wood-paneled cottages, all with central heating, fully equipped kitchens, cable TV, gas fireplaces, blankets, linens and bath towels.

We appreciated the extra amenities such as free Wifi, coffee maker and microwave. Winter specials include a free night when two nights are booked at full rate. Travel writer Aaron Leventhal is based in Columbus. He leads tours throughout the year. For more information go to leventhaltravel.

The park surrounds acre Acton Lake, with campsites, cabins and a resort lodge. In February, I wrote about how becoming a part of my local community theater at 12 years old saved my life. The theater was a place where being gay was a non-issue and where I got to do what I would eventually learn is why I was created - to perform. So, fortunately for me, it all worked out. But what if I had no talent? Which, by the way, almost happened.

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Dad encouraged me to do it, though, and took me to the audition. I was to go? And, better life mons and, strangely, most likely, not for the not one pro-gay serbetter. For mon. Looklife is the being intoxicated by all ing back on it now, struggle. It the sights and smells.

No matter how depressed I got, at those feelings, but then again, sure I did. Never found somewhere to fit in. What happened to them? The scene contained neither nudity nor physical contact. For some, just surviving until they make it to that better life is the struggle. It was for me. And in this age of cyber-bullying, access to the Internet is a double-edged sword. While it. It really does get better. You will find where you belong. I did it one day at a time. You can too. James Blackmon is a musician, actor, director and former owner of James Club 88 in Columbus.

You can follow him on Twitter at MrJamesBlackmon. The Other Side runs every other month in Outlook. It happens to all femmes. And it comes up: the gold-star lesbian thing. A strict Catholic upbring- be casual about it, but your silence speaks ing coupled with the uncanny ability of my en- volumes. Hell, who She has had a 10even year crash course in gives queer politics and handjobs has lived to tell the past juntale.

And someother mundane small times, the lesbian talk. We like it when you get mistaken for a man at our favorite suburban taco chain. We even like it when you run late for our dinner plans because your softball game ran a little late and you crushed it sliding into home. And I mean Anyway, what year is it again? You can find it in the most think we learned how to handle your strap-on? Do you think that thing is just like riding a bike? A big glittery bike attached to a leather Brooke Cartus is a Chapstick lesbian harness?

Just because you are queer attending law school at Ohio State. They are unwieldy cargo shorts, check out her blog, Size L for Lady, at brookecartus. Many butch women wear this gold star as a badge of honor, and they are usually accompanied with stories about coming out of the womb throwing a fast pitch softball.

The next half-hour was one been with cis men? A LOT. In Arizona, two per home is the limit. In Alabama, they can only be bought for medical or educational purposes. In Jamaica, it is against the law to build a fence made with them. Such is the concern over dildos, love-missiles that some people fear could destroy humanity, that governments feel the need to regulate or even ban them.

But dildos are beloved tools of the trade for sex enthusiasts, especially for same-sex love. In fact, the dildo is a bridge that unites lesbians and gay men. Still, they create such moral panic in conservatives all over the world that they are often advertised as something other than erotic implements.

Who Wants What To learn more about dildos and their fans, I reached out to somebody with dildo-selling experience. Start Now. As they were struck by thunderbolts in different places of the block, lashed by thunderstorm, the trio died on spot, police said. Silva drifted off to sleep, but was quickly awakened by what could be called the shock of his life. People hunt here, you know, day and night. I thought I had been shot. You're on fire! We had to load my granddaughter and myself in the truck and get down to the highway intersection.

Silva says that other than some possible nerve damage, thanks to the Edwards County EMS and doctors in Del Rio, he is going to be fine. His favorite chair, however, didn't make it. It happened. A year-old man in Madrid was doing just that, leisurely walking, when a bolt of lightning struck him in the scrotum, travelled down his legs, and then exited his body.

He, understandably, passed out, but survived. He was taken to a local hospital and treated for burns on his testicles and feet. If you are looking for a joke, shame on you! Let's have a moment of silence for this man. Officials say two cousins in their 20s were hit while standing on their front porch and were shocked. The Halifax County Sheriff's department says that Jennifer Duffey, 26, has been released from the hospital. Shelly Beadles, 29, is also going to be released.

Deputies say their injuries are not life threatening. Ten people were killed in Guntur district. Two deaths each were reported from Khammam, Warangal and Prakasam. Heavy rainstorm accompanied by thunder and lightning hit state on Sunday. Two people identified as Pacham Varalakshmi and Adilakshmi were killed instantly at Suddapalli village in Chebrolu mandal as lightning hit them in the afternoon when they were working on the field. In Nimmagaddavaripalem, two fishermen were killed by lightening.

They were identified as Tholakoti Srinivas and Vetagiri Venkateswarulu. It happened Monday evening in the backyard of her home just outside Bedford. Christina Eads, 36, credits her teenage son with helping to save her life. If it hadn't been for my son, I would have absolutely be dead," Eads said. Christina Eads lived to tell what few people can.

She survived being struck by lightning. Put your hand on a stove. That's what my insides feel like now. She could be home by the end of the week. Monday evening, just before , she was mowing the lawn as storms approached her home.

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I knew that it the thunderstorm was coming but I just didn't know it was coming that quickly. I was just mowing away and next thing I know that's it. I just remember looking up and there's lights from the ambulance. The bolt literally blew bark right off the tree and blew the battery off the mower. It also melted her glasses, bruised her arms and burned her body. I don't remember the feeling. I don't remember anything really," Eads explained. Only now does she know how her year-old son helped save her life. He called and calmly followed medics' instructions in those key minutes after the strike.

I could never be more proud, you know, he saved my life! That's why she has a message for others, after what she's been through. That's what happened to me," she said. The National Weather Service also puts out the message "When thunder roars, go indoors. Ten others who are injured have been admitted to nearby hospitals," said local Trinamool Congress lawmaker Samir Panja. Police had initially put the toll at six. The people in Pancharul village were returning home after an idol immersion ceremony and had taken refuge in a temple in the rain when they were struck by the bolt. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee has announced a compensation of Rs.

The condition of some of the injured was said to be serious. The lightning struck when they were returning after taking part in an idol immersion procession. The injured have been admitted to a hospital,' an officer of Udaynarayanpur police station under which the incident happened, said. Of the injured, the condition of three people is said to be serious. The bodies of the dead have been sent for post mortem. In Satkhira, six people were killed and 12 others injured by lightning and in wall collapse during the storm that hit four upazilas of the district in the morning, reports our correspondent.

Police quoted locals as saying that lightning killed Nazmul and Thakur Dasi and injured 12 others while they were repairing a damaged embankment at Nazirer Gher village in Debhata upazila at around am. Jabbar, Ranjida and Hannan were struck by lightning and killed on the spot while they were working in their paddy fields.

Housewife Farida Begum died in a wall collapse at their house during the storm at Norar Chak village in Debhata upazila. Our Bagerhat correspondent reported that two people died as a violent storm accompanied by heavy rain lashed Sadar and Fakirhat upazilas in the morning.

Pat Dwyer Public records

Kalam was seriously injured when a wall collapsed on him. He died on the way to Bagerhat Sadar Hospital at around am. Selim was struck by lightning while he was working in front of their house. He died instantly. In Jessore, a youth was killed by lighting during yesterday's storm at Bosotpur village under Sarsa upazila, says our correspondent.

The deceased was identified as Sumon Ali, 23, son of Aijuddin Ali. Locals said he was struck by lightning on a paddy field and died on the spot. Our correspondent from Noakhali adds: One person was killed and at least 20 students of a secondary school were injured during a storm that lashed Kabirhat and Companiganj upazilas at noon. The storm damaged a school, over tin-roofed and thatched houses and uprooted trees.

The dead was identified as Mohammad Boli, 30, of Sondalpur village in Kabirhat upazila. He died as a roadside tree collapsed on him during the storm. At least 20 students of Abdur Rahim High School at Company Haat in the upazila sustained injuries as the institution collapsed during the storm. The injured students are undergoing treatment at the upazila heath complex. In Madaripur, nor'wester damaged two schools and at least 40 thatched houses in two unions under Shibchar upazila of the district yesterday, according to our correspondent. At least three people, including a student of Hazera Khatun High School, were injured and many trees and electric poles were uprooted during the storm that hit the upazila at noon.

Kelly Lough said she was standing outside her home in Northside holding an umbrella while her husband was pulling the car out of the driveway when it happened. The heart rate, ultrasound, everything's good. She's maybe a little bit more active, but that's not a bad thing," she said. Lough said she has her shoes to thank for being safe. I was going to throw them away and I didn't. I put them on today, and first thing the doctors said when I checked in was that the shoes probably saved my life," Lough said.

Copyright by WLWT. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. They said Amina Begum, 40, wife of Abdul Gaffar Malik died on the spot and her son Wasim Ahmad Malik, 25, was injured when the lightning struck their house this afternoon. Wasim, a police constable, was sitting in the kitchen and was surfing internet on his lap-top when suddenly lightening struck the kitchen killing the woman on the spot while Wasim received serious burn injuries.

He was shifted to sub-district hospital Kupwara. Fayaz Ahmad, a local resident, said that lightning damaged the window panes of the house besides burning the lap-top. After the lightning, power supply got disrupted besides rain and hail caused extensive damage to vegetables and fruit buds in the upper belt of Kupwara. The deceased were identified as Gangajja 60 , Manjanna 35 , Gangaraju 30 and Jabeeulla 25 of Jayachandra Nagara, a hamlet in Hoysalakatte village. They took shelter in their coracles when lightning struck them around 3.

The injured were shifted to the district general hospital. No other person was in sight and the air was strangely damp. Suddenly, and silently, an upright screen about five feet wide appeared beside the path immediately to my right. It looked like a rigid silver mesh with what looked like constantly moving, silver filaments and small flashing lights behind the mesh.

In a word, it looked live. The whole thing disappeared as suddenly and silently as it had appeared. I looked at the grass, but there was no indication that anything had stood there. I looked around the park so see if there was anyone there with equipment for projecting images, but the place was deserted. I was completely alone and some distance from any houses. The next moment I was terrified by the loudest clap of thunder I had ever heard. I looked at my watch and it showed the time of p. About a block or two away to the north there were hundreds of shoppers, and many vehicles on the surrounding roads.

Next day the local paper reported that hundreds of people had phoned to report seeing a fiery thunder bolt flying through the air at the south end of the shopping complex. The paper also carried the report of an interview with the owner of a house that the bolt had hit. The bolt stripped the bark off a tree in the garden , traveled along a chainlink fence and into the house, rupturing a water main on the way. The owners described hearing a very loud thunder clap at five thirty, and then the living room filled with a bright red light , and all electrical equipment and appliances were damaged or destroyed.

When I finally got round to contacting them they had found a lot of information on ball lightning. They also agreed with me that the outside air was damp, and they were intrigued by my experience. My doctor says I must have hallucinated, but a friend of mine reports that her grandmother described having a similar experience many years ago, so I would be very grateful if you could let me know if you have had reports of a sighting similar to mine. Sincerely, Jean Paine.

The latest victim was a 17 - year - old youth from Medikele, Eheliyagoda who died on Saturday night on the way to Aissawella Hospital. The Meteorology Department requested the public should take maximum precautions against lightening due to the prevalent weather conditions. People have been asked to keep out of open areas as well as refrain from using metal equipment, using telephones, watching television and listening to radios during such times.

It is also dangerous to travel in bicycles, motor cycles and tractors and also to be near petrol stations when there is lightening. The prevailing weather conditions are expected to be continued until the end of this month, the Department said. He was fetching firewood along the sea shore with his friends.

A total of seven people have died as a result of lightning strikes this year. Out the seven, three victims were from the Central Division and Northern Division while one was from the West. I was wondering when you where struck did you blood platelets go down dangerously? Mine did now they want to do a bone marrow on me this week or next not quit sure yet. There were reports of strong wind, hail and lightning in the foothills on Thursday morning.

A driver stopped to help David Chapman after he was struck by lightning on Conley Road, south of Morganton. Witnesses said he had burns to his right leg and his foot, near where the year-old wears a metal brace. Witness Paul Scott said the storm was so bad he took cover at the welding shop where he works. Thundering and lightning -- it was pretty heavy. The hospital said he was released around lunchtime. Scott said Chapman is fortunate not to have been hurt worse.

Rough Cut All people on board are believed to have died. The Bhoja Air flight from Karachi burst into flames on Friday evening after coming down in fields near the village of Hussain Abad, on the outskirts of Islamabad, as it approached the capital's international airport. The airline said the Boeing was carrying passengers, including 11 children, and six crew. It will be only a miracle. So far bodies have been recovered, said Brigadier Sarfraz Ali, who is heading the recovery efforts.

Debris was scattered over a two-kilometre radius, and lights had been brought to the site to allow work to continue through the night. A probe has been ordered into the crash, Defence Secretary Nargis Sethi said. Torn fragments of the fuselage, including a large section bearing the airline's logo, littered the fields around Hussain Abad. Rescue workers in orange jumpsuits and local residents used torches to search through the wreckage, assisted by soldiers carrying assault rifles.

The smell of burning filled the air at the scene and human limbs were scattered in a large area, witnesses said. An AFP reporter saw an orange flight data recorder in a house where some of the wreckage fell. Pakistan Navy official Captain Arshad Mahmood said the crash occurred as the plane was approaching the runway to land. The pilot lost control and hit the ground. It tossed up due to the impact and exploded and came down in a fireball," he said.

Saifur Rehman, an official from the police rescue team, said the plane burst into flames after impact. The wreckage is on fire, the plane is completely destroyed," Rehman told Geo television. An airport source said the plane had been due to land at Islamabad airport at 6. Distraught relatives gathered at the airports in Islamabad and Karachi, searching for the names of loved ones on the passenger list for the ill-fated flight. The government was making arrangements to fly relatives to Islamabad later today.

Nadeem Khan Yusufzai, director-general of Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority, said initial reports suggested bad weather was to blame for the crash. Bhoja Air relaunched domestic operations with a fleet of five s in March, according to newspaper reports, when the airline was planning to start flights connecting Karachi, Sukkur, Multan, Lahore and Islamabad. Bhoja had been grounded in by civil aviation authorities amid financial difficulties, the reports said. The worst aviation tragedy on Pakistan soil Pakistan happened in July , when an Airbus A passenger jet operated by the private airline Airblue crashed into hills overlooking Islamabad while coming in to land after a flight from Karachi.

All people on board were killed in the accident, which occurred in heavy rain and poor visibility. The deadliest civilian plane crash involving a Pakistani jet was in , when a PIA Airbus A crashed into a cloud-covered hillside on its approach to the Nepalese capital Kathmandu, killing people. He went to Mon General, but wasn't severely injured and was back on the job Wednesday. Two women struck by lightning in center of Kardzhali, S. Beebe says the tree took the brunt of the strike and was split at the top.

Mom of Ohio inmate killed in prison lightning strike alleges negligence; state denies claim Article by: Associated Press Updated: May 15, - AM 0 comments resize text printbuy reprintsTweet COLUMBUS, Ohio - The mother of an inmate who was struck by lightning while jogging in a recreation yard is accusing the Ohio prisons department of negligence that contributed to his death.

Lightning strikes two workers Two construction workers at the new Westbahnhof train station were hospitalised after being struck by lightning. A year-old man died after being struck by lighting while fishing off the coast of barangay Colon, Naga City, southern Cebu, yesterday morning. Lightning injures youth, kills 22 calves PTI PM,May 09, Sonepat Har , May 9 PTI At least 22 calves were killed and a youth sustained burn injuries when they were struck by lightning at a field in Dehesra village, 25 kms from here, police said today.