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App les. Fathers read to daughters, teach love of words and stories, their hearts full of light. The fathers give to love the only hope they have. But have they hope only? The love to give fathers the light of full hearts. Their stories and words of love teach daughters to read fathers. For many years, I have been fascinated by labyrinths, those deceptively simple but sophisticated technologies for mediation and healing.

Friday, July 08, 2005

This week, I added two new pages on labyrinths ; later this summer I plan to post an interview with labyrinth maker Marilyn Larson. Poems must be submitted before the end of June. Or writing five. If you would like to start voting early, I invite you to help me decide which I should submit. I will be submitting mine the last week in June. Be sure to get me your vote by June 22, You can vote in the Comments section at the end of this post. Then sit back and know that, win or lose, your name will rocket into space later this year and next year will do an orbiting dance in the Martian atmosphere.

Way to go, Peanut!

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She savors it; understands perfectly. Timothy Braulick Copyright ; used by permission; all rights reserved. Palindrome: Fathers and Daughters Fathers read to daughters, teach love of words and stories, their hearts full of light. Ronald Wallace Copyright ; used by permission; all rights reserved. Your rock-red heart? Still secret. For someone who values words, this is literally as high as one can aspire: go for it!

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Better eat something. The big, black cat is asleep.

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  8. The wind is not quiet here on the mountain ridge nor is it noisy, like machines. It sounds itself, plays tree, grass, wildflower, lamp pole, garage door, ears. Help us see past all illusion that separates us from you. Teach us to flow once again. The livingdying rhythms of each season as it comes. Feel one, touch all the others. Be the bee being alive. These are the waves, the threads, the wanderings, the clinamen swerves.

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    Robert Kaiser, photography. Levi Romero, poetry. University of New Mexico Press. Herrera, coauthored Sailing through Cassiopeia Dan Gerber. Sailing through Cassiopeia. Port Townsend, Washington.

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    Copper Canyon. San Francisco: Well-Curated City by the Bay San Francisco: Well-curated City by the BayJust as a bookshelf can jam together wildly different books, each book a small box opening onto a different world, so seemed the buildings of my city: every row of houses and shops brought near many kinds of Selected Translations, W. Selected Translations, Merwin's translations is a deeply worthy book, beautifully produced, and meant to last as a physical object and Since , whenever there is a controversy surrounding the removal of trees, I am reminded of the Chipko Andolan-"hugging the trees"- movement in Gahwal Himalayas, Six Poems The GardenerI learned to plant trees with my grandfather.

    Sometimes they grow so fastand sometimes they stagnate in the earth,afraid of the air. San Antonio, Texas. Wings Press IPG, distr. This year's celebration invites attendees with the phrase Summer Reads Summer ReadsDigital media editor Jen Rickard Blair's summer reading picks range from multiethnic mystery to dystopian sci-fi.

    We suspect she'll read these in a lawn chair or on the couch with her new dog snuggled up into a somewhat precarious position Summer Reads Summer ReadsThough admittedly unfair to ask a book review editor to name only three sum- mer reads, WLT's Marla Johnson eventually relented with one concession: we let her work in a fourth as an addendum. Her picks reflect the breadth and depth of her Summer Reads For WLT's editor in chief, his summer reading list takes him to Europe, where he studied abroad twenty-five years ago , just as the communist regimes in the Eastern Bloc were beginning to implode.

    Yet even before the fall of the Berlin Wall Supplying Salt and Light Lorna Goodison. Supplying Salt and Light. With compassion Unlike many other translated authors, you translated your own stories.

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    Tell us something about that experience. Did you, at some point, feel like The Blind Man's Garden. When viewed from a distance, it looks like a perfect brown triangle hanging over a spread of colonial avenues. Move closer and see how hard-used the mountain looks. All vegetation has been The Rice Paper Diaries. Bridgend, Wales. Seren Books. The Stream How tenderly the stream flowsamong the numberless blossomswhose heads dip and weavein the tepid east wind, how warmthe insect tune, and multitudethe ripe green grasses, rank on rankthrough which it runs, carryingthe sky in its light-rippled glass.

    Translating Rilke Translating turns out to be only a more intense and demanding form of what we do whenever we read. CoetzeeNo literary work corresponds more closely than Rilke's to the definition Barbara Cassin offers of the untranslatable: "ce qu'on ne cesse Translating the Paper Republic: A Conversation with Eric Abrahamsen Andrea Lingenfelter: Can you talk about your path to becoming a translator and what drew you to study Chinese in the first place?

    It began as a personal account of my relationship to the island of Hispaniola-Haiti and the Dominican Repub- lic-and moved to the voices I encountered Un asunto sentimental. Sasquatch Random House, distr. I look at my suitcase.