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While some had been as low as 12 effects, there were more than 70 for "Hope and Fear".

Foundation Imaging delivered the required effects on time, prior to the deadline of April 30, even though they were still working on other episodes until two days prior. It was well received by the production team, and appeared in the final version of the episode. During the writing process, the "Yoda" character gradually became younger.

Taylor later explained that this was not a specific decision but instead something that just occurred naturally. Casting director Ron Surma contacted agents of a few well known actors in the hope that they could get a notable actor to portray the character, now named Arturis.

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Meanwhile, Taylor and Braga auditioned over 50 unknown actors. The crew hoped to get a classically trained actor, as they wanted to ensure that they did not show any 20th-century mannerisms in the portrayal of a futuristic character. Wise was given the role, which required a lengthy makeup routine for each day's performance. The prosthetics were created by makeup supervisor Michael Westmore , who wanted him to have a human appearance when viewed straight on but when seen from the side to appear more alien.

Rather than create a cast from Wise's head for the skull extension, Westmore based it off an earlier prosthetic created for the Vorgons in The Next Generation episode " Captain's Holiday ". The application of the makeup typically took just over an hour and a half each day. Costume designer Robert Blackman created the costume for Arturis, who noted that the character was "diabolical" but didn't want this to be given away through the costume immediately. In order to make him look "curious and affable", he placed the character in a shirt and pair of trousers. It was initially darker than intended, but the residue cleaned off to the desired level.

It was made from two molds of a generic pistol weapon created for The Next Generation. Filming began late in the day on February 28, as the shoot on "One" had overrun, [31] the production team had hoped to have the shoot for "Hope and Fear" underway the day prior. The design proposed by Kolbe did not make it into production due to the cost and complexity of it, but he was still pleased with the final result as it enabled some different shooting positions than the usual Voyager set.

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The engineering set did provide some challenges; a health and safety brief was required for the actors on it as it was still raised off the ground. Furthermore, the results of the bubbles being sent through water tubes that represented part of the engine core created noise issues for the sound technicians; they asked for it to be turned off whenever it wasn't placed in shot. The explosion remained in the final cut. It took place on the set of the Dauntless bridge, in the orange color scheme.

Editing began later that day, with the first rough cut completed on March Farrell and Dawn Velazquez to better inform the post-production optical effects which were under production at the time. Composer Dennis McCarthy first saw a cut of the episode on April For example, although he couldn't see the visual effects at the time as they were not yet complete, Velazquez explained what they should look like. The deadline for the final cut, including the visual effects was April All elements of the episode had been completed with the exception of the soundtrack, the recording for which began on May 5.

Balance fear and hope

The recording was light-hearted, with McCarthy working some jokes into the titles of the musical pieces, such as The War of the Buttons and a reference to the end of the season, with a piece entitled An Ode to Summer. According to Nielsen Media Research , it received ratings of 4. This meant that it was watched by 4.

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Prior to airing, he considered the possibility that the crew might actually return home and thus the series would go in a different direction. This was based on the involvement of Berman in the writing, the length of time for the crew returning home matching the summer hiatus and the possibility that the fifth series would cover the crew's reintegration into Federation society. After watching "Hope and Fear", he said "At its fundamental core, a story like "Hope and Fear" strikes me as almost completely pointless. He called the score "wonderous", the sets "impressive" and the direction of the episode "stellar", but said that the plot was "cobbled together out of unlikely coincidences and prior story events that have been twisted to fit the end result.

Lisa Granshaw listed "Hope and Fear" as one of the top ten episodes of Voyager for Blastr , saying that it showed an important step in the development of Seven of Nine as the character declares that she does not want to return to the Borg. This episode also showed an example of blowback from Voyager's actions.

The Dauntless was subsequently included in video games and merchandise spin-offs. It was added to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Star Trek Online in , initially as part of the "Delta Rising: Operations Pack" in conjunction with the Delta Rising expansion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Brannon Braga Joe Menosky.

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Bryan Fuller and Kenneth Biller pictured left to right were two of the writers working on the Voyager fourth-season finale. October 27, Archived from the original on October 29, Retrieved March 20, Drex Files. Archived from the original on June 20, Archived from the original on June 22, Archived from the original on July 9, Jammer's Reviews. Retrieved June 4, Archived from the original on February 10, Den of Geek.

Archived from the original on December 12, DVD Active. Likewise, when fear is so extreme that it leaves no room at all for hope, it is transformed into despair; and this despair, representing the thing as impossible, extinguishes desire altogether, for desire bears only on possible things. Half a millennium later, The Passions of the Soul remains a masterwork of extraordinary insight into the workings of the human mind, heart, and spirit. Complement this particular portion with Victoria Safford on what it means to stand at the gates of hope and E.

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Balance fear and hope

A case in point: It was the last class of a seven-week mindful leadership course and I had invited the class to share an impression or intention from our work together. About the author. Comments Comments.