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Your Digital Growth Specialist will be in touch within 48 hours. Your Digital Marketing Specialist will be in touch within 24 hours. Get A Proposal. Please enter your details:. As a data-driven digital marketing agency, we are passionate about providing measurable and effective solutions to our clients.

Get a Digital Marketing Strategy Audit. Services Your complete digital marketing partner that consistently drives qualified traffic to your website. I recently had a brief consultation with Mark regarding some challenges I faced regarding social media. Excellent all round service! Extremely responsive and efficient whilst providing top class customer service. Definitely recommend Primal if you're find a digital marketing agency in Thailand! Primal team has been very helpful in supporting and also teaching us about SEO and Facebook campaigns.

It's only been a few months that we have been working with Primal. However, good results are already being shown in the reports. On the whole very happy with the service, quality and responsiveness of the team. All team members are highly competent. One of the better agencies I've worked with in over 12 years. When you do, pinners will be able to click on your pin and view your link without leaving the Pinterest application. This creates a seamless user experience while allowing users to engage with your brand beyond the pin.

If you choose to upload your own, remember that Pinterest is not Facebook — no one else is interested in pinning photos of you and your dog! However, they may be interested in pinning an image of you demonstrating a helpful exercise or fitness tip. Always keep your audience in mind when choosing what to pin. Remain faceless. Pins without faces are statistically show to convert better source: Sprout Social. This is very important for fitness pros!! Participate in Group Boards.

Like all social media, Pinterest is highly interactive and is based on engagement. By becoming a member of a group board, you will make connections with other fitness professionals and get access to their audiences on Pinterest. Consider starting your own group board and inviting popular pinners to contribute to it. Optimize your pin descriptions. Once you have begun pinning with relevant keywords, hashtags, and links, you can take it a step further. How can you incorporate these popular words into your pin descriptions? Be consistent with your pinning, especially on your group boards.


The Top 8 Social Media Platforms for Fitness & Coaching Professionals (and how to use them)

The more you participate on Pinterest, the faster your following will grow. Since Pinterest is different from Facebook and Twitter in that not all of your followers will see every single thing you pin, you can feel free to pin a bunch of content at one time, as well as pin every day. Cross promote your pins on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms. Add the Pinterest app to your Facebook page and tweet cool pins whenever possible. If you have a Pinterest business account, you can get access to promoted pins.

Promoted pins will allow you to start getting your content in front of more and more targeted pinners using the Pinterest marketing advertising model. Promoted pins are a Pinterest marketing opportunity similar to Facebook ads or sponsored tweets. Promoted pins have been statistically shown to be just as popular as organic pins. If you have room in your budget, promoted pins are a powerful marketing weapon to add to your social media arsenal.

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Thanks to its visual nature, shareabiltiy, action-based content, and opportunity for engagement, more and more fitness professionals are using Pinterest to grow their followings both on and offline. From there, you can begin creating and pinning your own content. This will lay the foundation for Pinterest domination in the very near future! The jargon is just a bit different. Including these hashtags will help people find your content and make them more likely to circle you and share your stuff.

For this reason, sharing your page content from your profile will expand your reach and encourage more people to follow your page. How to do that? Some communities frown on sharing blog posts, for instance, because they see it as spammy self-promotion. Find other ways to add value to the group and build relationships. Ask for what you want — it never hurts to ask for more followers if you do it the right way. The content you choose to promote should be fitness related and family friendly since Google will review it before making the ad live.

As a personal trainer or fitness professional, having your own YouTube channel is an essential component of your marketing strategy. More and more people want to exercise from the comfort of their homes, but still need the instruction, motivation, and expertise of a fitness professional or personal trainer. There is a huge market for people searching for exercise videos on YouTube.

By shooting simple videos, like the best way to perform a bicep curl, you can grow a huge following, attract more offline clients, and increase your revenue. From within that YouTube account, you can create multiple YouTube channels where you can upload videos. Be sure to name your channel with your brand in mind, and make it clear what kind of videos viewers can expect to see. According to TrackMaven. Your videos do not need to be professionally produced, but they do need to be valuable and published consistently.

Create multiple channels — Another secret of big YouTube players is that they upload video content to multiple YouTube channels. Doing this will allow you to brand each individual channel with targeted content to attract particular types of viewers. Keep it short and sweet — The most popular videos on YouTube are no more than two minutes long, and no shorter than 16 seconds. Post at the right times — Although viewers can watch your YouTube videos at any time, the moment you upload or share your video has the potential to make the biggest impact.

According to marketing research, the most popular viewing time on YouTube is on Thursdays and Fridays between 12pm and 3pm Eastern. Make videos mobile-friendly — Everything you upload — just like everything you create for your website or other social platforms — should be mobile optimized and look great on a smartphone or tablet.

The 1 best way to grow your YouTube channel, expand your reach, and score new clients through the videos you share, is to consistently create viral videos on YouTube. Viral videos take the Internet by storm, get shared millions of times, and launch their creator into the online spotlight.

Viral content gives you the opportunity to shine in front of the entire online world, making it easier than ever for your tribe and prospective clients to find you. Because viral videos must contain these key 7 ingredients. Here are 7 powerful ingredients to include in each and every video you upload:. Videos that go viral have universal mass appeal. But it must contain universally felt emotions or situations that can be related to by millions of people. Example: A huge majority of viral content features the antics of babies or animals.

Because almost all human beings, regardless of age, ethnicity, or culture, are inherently drawn to cute little creatures doing cute things. Viral content becomes viral by user-generated sharing. Example: Sorrow is a universal feeling. This is why content that invokes joy or laughter is much more likely to go viral than content that evokes sorrow or pain.

How can you make a video demonstrating proper sit-up form more shareable? Positive content goes viral much more often than negative content. Sure, there is plenty of negativity online and people are quick to indulge in Twitter wars and nasty Facebook exchanges. But viral content tends to be most popular when it has an uplifting message, is funny, or gives people practical tips on how to live a better life.

Example: In a study conducted by the NY Times , emotionally positive messages went viral far more frequently than negative messages. Sadness is especially toxic when trying to create viral content. The uplifting message of triumph over adversity is not only positive, but universal as well. The most effective content appeals to deeply felt human emotions like love, joy, hope, anger, and fear. Keep in mind that you can still stay positive while incorporating fear and anger into your content.

So what does this mean for a personal training video? In addition to giving practical fitness tips, demonstrating exercises, and showcasing client success stories, there must be a strong emotional pull present in your videos. Think about the reasons people want to get and stay fit: to live longer, to have more energy for their kids, to feel like themselves again, to gain confidence.

All of these reasons contain deep emotions that can be brought out in your videos in order to arouse an emotional response from your viewers. This includes lists, how-to content, life hacks, and unique prescriptions for better living. The key to creating actionable viral content is to give the end user a way to engage with the content and make it work for them.

Example: The most viral content on Pinterest includes pins that people can do or learn, i. Example: When Willie Nelson partnered with Chipotle to create an animated music video about factory farming, the content instantly went viral. The emotional appeal started with the fear and anxiety of a world dominated by factory farms, but ended with hope for the future of farming. The juxtaposition of both emotions in one video was the perfect recipe for viral content. A lot of people have fear and anxiety around their weight and their health. You can address this directly in your videos as long as you also provide a solution for how to overcome such emotions — training with you, of course!

Great viral video content is always focused on the present moment. The key is to showcase past and future as it relates to our current times and contemporary lives. You can film their first training session, then follow them as they progress through your training program. YouTube has a great built-in program for monetizing your various channels. All you have to do to begin monetizing your YouTube videos is go to the monetize tab within your account and select Enable My Account.

YouTube videos are monetized through advertisements that appear before or during your videos.

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For example, TrueView in-stream ads appear at the very beginning of your video and allow the viewer to skip to your content after a few seconds. In addition to monetizing your video content, you can also purchase advertising on YouTube in various formats, all of which are charged on a cost per view basis as opposed to Cost Per Click. Instead of getting charged whenever someone decides not to skip an ad, advertisers now get charged whenever someone clicks a card.

This means more visibility for you, the advertiser, which in turns leads to better monetization of your videos on YouTube. YouTube continues to dominate video marketing and afford individual content creators the opportunity to build a following, connect with their audience, and monetize their videos quickly and easily. For fitness professionals, this social platform offers the perfect way to show prospective clients what you and your brand have to offer. Social media success is a combination of reach, engagement, lead generation, and monetization.

If only you could hop onto Facebook and instantly start creating a steady cash flow. If that were possible, everyone would be doing it! Huge companies like Petco, Hautelook, and Dell succeed in monetizing their social media because they have a certain level of brand awareness — a level you need to strive for if you also want to monetize your social media marketing.

You do, however, have to consistently solidify your social presence by sharing great content, interacting with your followers, and positioning yourself and your brand as a leader in your particular market — even if no, especially if that market is hyper-local. Social media marketing is just like any other type of marketing: engagement with the prospect is the key to success. Social media being what it is, your chances for direct engagement with the end user are better than ever.

Focusing on engagement with your followers will not only clue you in as to what they need and want from you as a fitness professional; it will increase your chances of a sale when the time comes to present a paid offer. Reward your social followers the same way you might reward your email subscribers — with exclusive offers just for them.

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Make the promotional offer clear, consistent, and relevant to your target market. A popular contest also reveals tons about what your prospects like and want from a personal brand like yours. Try combining a paid Facebook campaign with a contest. Offer followers discounts toward classes or training sessions by sharing the contest with their friends.

Almost every social media platform now offers paid promotions, where you can advertise to a select group of targeted followers or other social demographic. You also have more power than ever when it comes to targeting. More and more companies are monetizing their social media marketing by combining their social presence with mobile applications. Social-based apps are the most popular and the most likely to drive sales.

Apps can be paid or free, but their use should always lead to opportunities for the user to make a purchase. The most successful individuals and brands use social media marketing not only to gain new customers, but to retain the loyal customer base they already have. Be sure to reward loyal social followers with deals and discounts, feature products and services that people will want to share with their friends, and remember that social media is, above all else, an ongoing, two-way conversation between you and your target market. Your email address will not be published.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you…. So, they create a Facebook page and a Twitter feed and dive in head first, without any way to measure their results. Social marketing changes constantly, which means your strategy has to change with it.

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After all, do you go on Facebook to be sold to? I doubt it! People use social media to connect with friends, share funny and awe-inspiring content, get news updates, and be entertained. That means that your strategy has to find ways to connect, inspire, inform, and entertain your audience, first and foremost. How to get started The type of Facebook account you need to create will depend on your fitness business. Step Two: Create a Facebook Page Once you have a personal account set up, you will want to create a Facebook page to represent your gym or your personal brand.

Step Three: Create a Facebook Group Facebook pages are going more and more in the direction of websites. Add past and current clients to your Facebook group Add Facebook friends to your Facebook group Invite email subscribers to your Facebook group Reach out to the members of other relevant groups and invite them into your tribe Facebook fans realize that posts to your newsfeed are public, and that they are targeted toward as many people as possible.

Strive for Engagement Above Numbers Instead of striving for a bigger number of Facebook fans, strive for better quality connections. Go easy on the automation Apps like Hootsuite and SocialOomph can save you hours each week by automatically posting your content while you sleep, and you can now autoschedule posts directly from Facebook itself. Generally speaking, the most people will see a post on your Facebook page between am or pm between Monday and Friday — but always test what works best for your audience. Instead, court real, authentic fans who are truly interested in you and your brand.

Ask authentic questions — Ask questions of your fans when you truly want to know the answer. People love to share their two cents, especially on social media. Create timed offers, freebies, and discounts — Provide value in the form of a coupon, contest, discounted service or fun freebie.

Teach your fans that your Facebook page is the only place to score these goods, and watch as engagement and likes soar. Get personal — Great personal posts to your Facebook page might involve travel share a few vacation photos! Sell directly on Facebook Did you know that Facebook is one of the fastest growing eCommerce sites in the world?

Create a Facebook Ad Campaign Facebook has made it easier than ever to connect with your ideal clients by creating a targeted Facebook ad campaign. Create Ad Copy — Your Facebook ad campaign has a lot of rules about the length of your ad copy, so be sure to follow them to a tee: Your headline cannot exceed 25 characters Your ad body text cannot exceed 90 characters Your link description cannot exceed 90 characters Remember that Facebook is its own search engine, and including trending keywords will help your target market find you.

Follow relevant people and brands The third way to get started on Twitter is to follow fitness-related people and brands. Use Social plugins to cross-promote on other platforms Give your followers an opportunity to promote your content on Twitter no matter where they happen to be online. Reward your followers Do you thank each and every new follower you get? Be consistent Your Twitter strategy will only work if you are consistent. Growth strategies Keep It Clean clean up your followers Are you following or being followed by a bunch of spammers?

Acknowledge everything! Use TweetAdder TweetAdder keeps you tweeting day and night, even while you sleep. Work Your Followers Case study Twitter is not just about growing your following, but engaging the followers you already have.

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There is no maximum file size so the bigger, the better! This is what users will see when they land on your company page. Make Connections LinkedIn will help you make connections by showing you who you already know on the platform. Start sharing updates Just like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn allows you to share status updates with your network.

From there, make sure to use keywords in all of the following areas of your profile: Headline Job description Summary Specialties Publications Remember that when it comes to keyword optimization, your goal is to make it easy for others to find you. Highlight the right parts of your profile Did you know that you can change the order of the different sections that appear on your LinkedIn profile?

Endorse others LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to endorse your connections for certain skillsets and areas of expertise. It is whole business advice for any fitness professional. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to those looking to offer more to their clients that just a personal training session. Bottom line: if you think you should buy this, you need to buy it.

How a perfectly organized and executed Exploratory Conversation will give you the very best chance to sign up enthusiastic clients willing to pay you a premium for your service and help both you and your client make the right decision on whether to go on a one-on-one coaching journey together. The 10 organizing principles to the powerful and results-oriented Fitness-Centered Life Coaching process that will give you more confidence as a coach, produce better results for your clients, and help you stand out among the competition.

With all of the experience and insight that you gain from working with people so intimately during all of your one-on-one coaching sessions, you will eventually want to take your business and influence to higher levels. You can serve more people just as effectively when you create a digital product. Follow along as I really pushed myself to get this digital product finished. Learn everything I that I learned about the digital product creation process, business mindset, goal-setting, and the mental and emotional challenges that sometimes stand in the way of us achieving our goals.

You can learn more about this fitness business career and life changing digital course by watching the videos and reading more about it right below this blog post. I understand that this will require not only an investment of your hard-earned money. You also be putting your passion, hopes, dreams, and financial future on the line. I understand that blocking this challenge out and desensitizing yourself to the angst can no longer be an option for you. Watch the videos and read everything this amazing course has to offer you and your business below.

Click here to make an appointment. I have made more money than I have in years.