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Many of the employees posted bail and left the country after a travel ban was lifted a few months later. Robert Becker, right, chose to stay and stand trial.

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He spent two years in prison and has since returned to the United States. Filmmaker Timothy Tracy was arrested in Venezuela in April on allegations of funding opponents of newly elected President Nicolas Maduro, successor to the late Hugo Chavez.

Consumer Alert - The next time you move, dodge the "rogue movers" who take your belongings hostage

Tracy went to Venezuela to make a documentary about the political division gripping the country. He was released in June Story highlights A U. On April 20, just two days before diplomats resumed talks in Vienna, Austria, to reach a final agreement over Iran's nuclear program, Rezaian's Iranian attorney announced that his client had been charged with espionage, conducting propaganda, collaborating with foreign governments and collecting information "with malicious intent.

Their anger is justified, but the decision should surprise no one: There is a long history of rogue regimes seizing hostages against the backdrop of diplomacy to extract concessions, humiliate the United States or signal unease. The scale of Iran's current hostage-taking -- not only Rezaian but also Iranian-Americans Saeed Abedini and Amir Hekmati -- may pale in comparison with Iranian behavior of decades past. But the use of hostages to extract concessions or dampen the enthusiasm surrounding reconciliation is part of a consistent pattern.

Consider the original Iran hostage seizure: On November 4, , radical students seized the American Embassy in Tehran, ultimately holding 52 diplomats hostage for days. Often forgotten was what sparked that episode, which occurred more than nine months after Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini declared the Islamic revolution victorious. According to Brzezinski's own memoir , he told Bazargan that the United States was open to any relationship the Islamic republic wanted. Photos of their handshake graced newspapers around the world.

Iranian hardliners, meanwhile, were apoplectic that Barzagan was "betraying" Iran's revolutionary principles, and seized the embassy to block any rapprochement. Khomeini endorsed their action. The hostages became pawns in an escalating series of demands. Brzezinski's dream of reconciliation became a nightmare. Iran released the embassy hostages as Ronald Reagan took his oath of office, ending its first but not last hostage-taking episode. Iranian proxies seized a number of Americans in Lebanon. Reagan blessed a plan to trade arms for hostages.

Putting aside the illegalities of diverting weaponry to the Nicaraguan Contras, the genesis of the scheme was not only a desire for diplomacy but also, much as with Obama's outreach today, to solidify the moderate camp within the Iranian political spectrum. Initially, the scheme worked, but no sooner had American officials delivered the last load of military equipment and the last hostages set free, then kidnappers seized three more Americans. Hostage-taking had simply become another way to collect concessions. Of course, Iran is not alone in such games.

Whenever the United States tries to use diplomacy to bring rogue regimes in from the cold, it faces hostage crises. Take North Korea: Obama campaigned as the anti-Bush on the world stage. A kangaroo court sentenced Laura Ling and Euna Lee to 12 years in prison.

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It was traditional hostage diplomacy. Former President Bill Clinton traveled to Pyongyang to appeal for their release. President Clinton cross the Pacific to apologize to the Great Leader.

It was all made possible thanks to General Kim Jong Un's extraordinary prophecy and outstanding tactics. Ling and Lee were neither the first nor the last Americans that North Korea seized during the Obama era. Security Council. Pyongyang responded by threatening Aijalon Mahli Gomes, an American imprisoned earlier that year for illegally entering North Korea.

Consumer Alert - The next time you move, dodge the "rogue movers" who take your belongings hostage

On cue, former President Jimmy Carter arrived to mediate for Gomes' release, called for new talks and, by omission, derailed efforts to hold North Korea accountable for its killing of nearly four dozen South Korean sailors. The following year, North Korea arrested an year-old Korean War veteran touring the hermit kingdom and, the next year, took two other tourists hostage.

Each arrest resulted in a high-level visit, an apology to North Korea that bolstered the dear leader's claims of strength and renewed engagement. Saddam Hussein likewise worked from the same playbook. In March , Iraqi security forces seized two American defense contractors who strayed into Iraq from Kuwait. Sentenced to eight years, they served days before Rep. The American media lauded Richardson, but his trip was not without cost: Saddam used it to depict Iraq as strong and America as weak. Appeals court rejects Trump's request for border wall funding. Trump administration working holiday to resolve census question.

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